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Product Review: No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hello lovely people,

So, from around January of this year I’ve decided I must have a better skincare routine.  At that moment, it consisted of a bar of soap and a baby wipe so anything would have been an improvement.  At 28, with the beginnings of laughter lines and grey hairs its time to sort it out!

With anything, its a case of trail and error. Some skincare can be cheap and cheerful and some will require you to re-mortgage your house!

One thing that sticks out with everything I have tired so far is the Hot Cloth Cleanser from No7.  Many people have suggested this to me and I’m so glad they have! I’ve only used this product a few times but from the feel and smell of it, I feel like i’m getting a mini facial every time.


One pump is enough for your whole face and at £9.99 for 200ml it will last a while. Also, there are manys a time if I’ve been shopping in boots, I’ve been given a no7 voucher with my receipt so even more penny’s’ saved :-).

One Pump. Lots of creamy Goodness!

Its so easy to use, doesn’t take up much time at all and leaves my skin feeling so soft! There has been no irritation, no redness and no tears…especially when telling my husband about the price! Removes make-up like its no problem at all, although waterproof mascara gives a little bit of a fight.

I don’t have much I can compare this with.  My mummy dearest does use the Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser and it smells amazing but it is that bit dearer. I’ll help myself to it next time I visit for “research purposes” and get back to you on that one!

The verdict? I would say go treat yourself. If your have a few boot points on your card it would be rude not too.