How I’m Feeling…

I want to start this page with a big thank you to everyone who has left comments on my last few posts. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to them all as I am still now in a great place.

My goal for the past year is be a makeup artist…Its not a big shock to those of you who read this that makeup is a great passion of mine.  I eventually want to go back to work but it seems more and more unlikely at the moment.

Where I live, you have to fit in.  Its been this way from starting school.  Even now, picking my daughter up from school is a hard task for me due to the group of Mums who are there.  I am seen as an outsider.  Not that I want to be friends with people who are judgmental.

You can’t seem to have a problem, you’ll be an attention seeker.  You can’t let your kids go in without the latest gear, they’ll get made fun off.  You can’t say the wrong thing or you’ll always be known as a weirdo.  I could never understand stasis quo.  I’m the black sheep in most places.  Due to all this if I ever got the nerve to try being a makeup artist, I’d most likely never get a client.  I’ve tried doing makeup on a few people and I’ve tried to get the word out.  It’s always been a fail though.

I’d love to make a YouTube channel, that’ll never happen though. My blog is kept a secret as I know my family would tell me to take it down if they found it.  I would be mocked forever if someone found a YouTube channel.  I know mentally I couldn’t handle it either.

I do love my blog though, It makes me feel like more than just a loser without a job.  It’s also really the only place where I can say what I want without fear.

I’m hoping to get back to the makeup reviews soon. Thank you for everyone for sticking around in my wee corner of the internet.