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Friday’s are not going to have a theme.  As I also sometimes blog about mental health i’m leaving this day open.

Today though i’m going to be writing about my top favorite beauty you-tubers (also know as beauty gurus).

It may not be an interesting topic for some of you but you cannot argue with the fact that YouTube has changed the beauty industry. With millions of videos out there on makeup tutorials and product reviews, their is sure to be someone who you would enjoy watching (if your into beauty, otherwise it might be a waste of time, duh Gina!).

My top three do not have millions in the way of subscribers, they may not be the most extravagant or have the highest value equipment but they are unbiased, give a lot of information and I just love them.

shephaine nicole

  1. Stephanie Nicole – This woman is my idol. Shes not super energetic or over the top but she gives you all the information you could possibly need on products.  She has so much knowledge on skin care and makeup ingredients and every time I watch her I learn so much.  She has also never accepted money from any company which makes me trust her so much more (though i’m not saying there is anything wrong with that).  Her humor is quite dry (which I personally love) and the only thing I dislike is that she doesn’t upload as regularly as others. She is employed in the beauty industry and has explained how busy her job makes her so i’ll let her away with it though :-).  She also goes out of her way to response to the many questions asked on her Instagram/YouTube channel.  I could just binge on her videos all day!

Stephanies’s YouTube Channel


2. Jen Luvs Reviews – I honestly don’t know how this lady does it! The effort and content in each and every video she makes is astounding to me.  A very different approach to videos, she does “the makeup minute” almost every weekday which contains all the important news and product releases in the industry.  She has a Facebook group called Whats up in makeup (which i love being apart of) which is just an amazing community for people swapping information and advice.  Her product reviews contain so much including ingredient analyses and demos.  She does a live chat every week which is just like having a catch up with an old friend.  See deserves so many more subscribers and i’m so glad I found her channel.

Jen’s YouTube Channel:

wayne goss

Wayne Goss – If your looking for no fluff, straight to the point videos that don’t take up half of your day to watch then this is the guy for you.  His has so many videos from contouring to product reviews to skincare.  He can teach you so much more than just “Instagram” makeup looks.  He doesn’t just stick with makeup trends and will give you makeup tips that you can use for years to come.

Wayne’s YouTube Channel:

Have you ever heard of any of these guys?  I’d love to hear about some of your favorite you-tubers if you have any. 🙂 xx