More Rubbish!

Following on from my last empties blog, I’m going to change things up a bit.  I have two eyebrow pencils which are completely empty and i’m going to battle them out to see which is the better product.  This could work out rather well or I’ll be pulling my hair out in a few hours as I can’t get it written up the way I want.  Either way, lets give it a go.

The two products which I’m comparing are the Goof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit and the Brow Artist Xpert from L’Oreal.


I have enjoyed using both these products.  They both glide on smoothly, they do not smudge over the face and are pretty to use.


Name: Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Price: £10.50 for 0.2grams of product

Claims: A 12 hour, waterproof formula which makes it super easy to fill and shape your eyebrows with its glide on formula.

How to use: Use the wide part of the tip to fill and shape your brows.  Build your colour with light strokes.  Use the pointed end to define the “tail” of your brow and then blend with a spoolie. Or don’t, I’m not the eyebrow police do what you like, this is just what it says to do.

This product is tested on animals.

Verdict: This is great product, I have never had a bad brow day with it.  This was a deluxe sample so there was little product in it and do not know I would pay £20 for the full size.  If you can afford that then go for it.  The packaging is very cute, light and practical.  There are a good range of colours (I used number 6). Other than price, I don’t have a bad thing to say about it.


Name: Brow Artist Xpert

Price: £5.99. I would include the grams of the product but I can’t find that information, another blogger stated it was 10g but that seems a lot to me.  I even asked an advisor on the L’Oreal site and they couldn’t tell me either.  You might not care but I like to include that information just to see if you’re getting your moneys worth.brow

Claims: The 1st retractable brow pencil from L’Oreal for perfectly defined, fuller looking brows.

How to use: Use the triangular shape tip for precise application then use the spoolie to blend the hairs into place

This product is tested on animals.

Verdict: For the price, you can’t beat this product. It’s not as smooth as some other pencils I have used, and do not roll it up any further than you have too or it will break.  It will still give you nice, natural brows with minimal effort.  The shape of the tip makes it very easy to make smaller strokes (that’s what he said) which I like as I don’t like my eyebrows so blockly looking.

So…who wins? Both these products perform great in my eyes.  I love the look of brows and the shape of the pencil.  Benefit wins on the packaging side, I lost the lids of the L’Oreal pencil after about two days.  L’Oreal wins on price, although I don’t know by how much cause I can’t find how much grams is in it.  Benefit wins in texture, it’s exactly as the name says, Goof Proof! L’Oreal wins in colour selection with 8 shades (Benefit has 6).

L’OREAL GETS IT! But not by much, if you don’t mind spending £20 on a brow product then go for it, you do you! If your like me and it would make you cry forking over the cash, the Brow Artist will not disappoint.  On the plus side, with the money you save you can always buy more makeup…or pizza! xx



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