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My Wish List – Kat Von D

My hubby has taken the kids out for a little treat day and i’m home alone for the first time in about a year, nothing to do with this blog but i’m telling everyone as it’s total bliss!!

So as you can see from my title, today i’m blogging about my wish list. I’m not doing the full list as there isn’t enough days in the week to cover that so I thought I would break it up into brands…makes it a bit easier to read rather than soaking in 100’s of products.  Today’s list will be from Kat Von D who has truly made a name in the beauty industry.  All Kat Von D products are cruelty free.

I would also like to add this is a wishlist yes BUT i’m really happy with the things I already have.  My kids come first as it should be so if any of these products do happen to fall into my shopping basket, i will be running up walls with excitement, but if they don’t, then i’m quite happy playing with the other 500 pieces of makeup i own :-).

Sorry, off topic again, lets get into some products!!

Saint Eau De Parfum – £52 for 50ml 


I currently have 32 bottles of perfume in my collection ranging from the likes of Morgan Love to Coco Chanel. I have a slight addictive personalty lol.

I would love to add this to my collection, the bottle itself is just all round stunning.  This is not something you would just get rid off once the fragrance is gone, this would be on display on my vanity for years to come.

A very feminine scent but not to overpowering, it is described as “a bouquet of jasmine and tiaré flower with notes of mandarin, caramel and sparkling mirabelle plum, vanilla, sandalwood and creamy musk build to the romance of the perfume.” Anything with vanilla is a win for me! It is a little on the pricey side being on par with the prices of Mugler Alien and Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb but I honestly think it’s worth it.  Kat von D being a higher end brand in itself I would not expect a sub-par product and this does not fall short.  Maybe Santa will bring it for me in December.  Next up is…

Lock-it Foundation and concealer – £27 for 30mls/£20 for 6.25g



I have swatched this foundation on the back of my hand and I must say, it is extremely creamy, very pigmented and sets in place very quickly.  I have acne rosacea and very oily skin and i’m always looking for the holy grail foundation that will help cover my scares and blemishes. I have heard this is a very heavy foundation and you can definitely feel it on the skin which I know a lot of people do not like, doesn’t bother me though if I get the desired results.

The concealer is said to be very high coverage, not so great for under eye highlight as can crease but I’d like to try it for spot covering.  These products may be a bit over budget for some people but I have always believed if you get your base right, then you can save money with the likes of eye-shadows and blushes etc…some drug store options can be just as good as higher end.  The foundation and concealer is vegan.

Shade and Light Contour Palette – £37 for 20 grams 

countour pallet

This is not needed for everyone. Containing warm, neutral and cool shades this palette is more for a makeup artist who can use all these powders and get their moneys worth. Not that i’m telling you what to buy, i’m no practising makeup artist and still want this so what do it know?  I have seen this in use 100’s of times on YouTube and cannot see any negatives in this product. The pans are big, it blends like a dream, a little bit of kickback but this just shows good pigment in my eyes. Being extremely pale I feel like the cool shade would be perfect.  There is even a guild sheet to help with application if you feel a bit lost with what to do with it.  Carmine is not an ingredient in the newer pallets which makes it vegan, The newer pallets are also refillable which is also a huge thumbs up!

I have a few products from Kat Von D (picture of them in my featured image) and have been very impressed with her products.  I cannot wait to add to my collection.

Phew, well done if you got through all that.  I would love to know if i’m missing out on a stable product from her, let me know in the comments please and thanks for reading. xx




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